Universal Belting Resource is your #1 supplier for lightweight conveyor belting throughout our distribution network the USA, Canada and Mexico.

In June 2006, Universal Belting Resource began receiving our new improved Polyurethane, Silicone and Polyolefin covered conveyor belt types. The new belt range offers slabs in excess of three meters in width. The non-fray range of product has remained the cornerstone of our PU product offering.

UBR also inventories a complete range of PVC belts (also available up to 3 m wide) customizable through our fabrication services. This includes PVC sidewall belts and capped edge PVC to complement our PU sidewalls and edges.

Our fabrication capacity is made possible by two key factors: our expert fabricators and the top-tier equipment they work with, including our CNC hole cutter and longitudinal press. This equipment makes our turnaround times on standard fabrication orders among the best in the industry and ensures our customers are not kept waiting for their next belt.

In 2021, UBR was acquired by Beltservice Corporation, a St. Louis-based company specializing in the wholesale of conveyor belt products. UBR’s expertise in the fabrication and sale of lightweight belting is now backed by Beltservice’s complete offering of conveyor belt products, allowing us to better serve and supply our customers.

Our Carmichaels facility remains focused on PU and PVC belts and is now at the center of Beltservice’s growing list of products and services for lightweight belting.

We also offer polyester mesh belting available in 1, 3 & 4 mm apertures with sealed edges, cleats and other modifications. Please contact our Carmichaels facility’s customer service for price and delivery information.

Call UBR for:

  • European style PU & PVC conveyor belts, full slab or fabricated to specification
  • HF welded PU & PVC sidewalls and cleats
  • CNC hole cutting capacity
  • Polyester mesh belts with 1, 2 & 4 mm aperture, sealed edges and made endless
  • Longitudinal spliced belts
  • Engineered belting
  • Quick response times
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