UBR offers many different splicing options to compliment our variety of belting materials. We can also longitudinally splice materials for increased widths.

Endless Splicing

UBR can fabricate endless belt in a number of ways. Our endless splices include:

  • Finger spliced
  • Finger Over Finger
  • Lap Splice
  • Butt Splice
  • Skived Splice
  • Tuck Splice

Mechanical Lacing

We have many different mechanical lace options when an endless splice is not an option. We install:

  • Clipper Lace
  • Alligator Lace
  • Alligator Staple Lace
  • Plastic River Lace
  • Plastic Spiral Lace
  • Soft Hinge Lace

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endless lap glue sew sewn lace stainless steel flap skive bias step finger over plastic rivet staple spiral alligator flexco clipper recess hidden buried metal zipper 

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