UBR – Universal Belting Resource (800) 928-9995
Universal Belting Resource (UBR) is a full service supplier of industrial lightweight belting. We inventory a complete range of PVC and PU conveyor belts, and we offer an expanded range of conveyor belt fabrication services for all thermoplastic belting products; including PVC and PU sidewall belts and capped edge PVC and PU.

PU Belting

PU belting from UBR has outstanding ply to ply and cover to ply adhesion, and offers the following options:
  • Stock Widths up to 126"
  • Production Widths up to 176"
  • Non-Fray Option
  • Ultra-Release (UR) Cover Compound
  • Edge Capping and Side Walls
  • and more...

PVC Belting

Our inventory includes Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) product up to three meters wide.
  • Food grade PVC belting with capped edges is now available from UBR
  • Blue PVC covered belts COS & CBS, is now in Carmichael's stock
  • HF welded profiles are available for all PVC belting
  • and more...

Miscellaneous Products

UBR offers a variety of other innovative solutions:
  • U-SI, Silicone-PU blend covers
  • Power Transmission Belts
  • Table mounted hot air welding units for sidewalls, v-guides, & cleats at a fraction of the cost of conventional units
  • CNC hole cutting machines
  • Powered wind-up roller stands
  • and more...

Engineered Belting

UBR offers a broad spectrum of engineered belting solutions:
  • Laminating a wide range of rubber and thermoplastic foam, Lycra, SBR, Neoprene foam etc. to conveyor & power transmission belting up to 20" width capacity
  • Years of experience conforming to ISO and USPS quality and tolerance standards
  • All types of feeder belts are fabricated in house.
  • Custom grinder can conform to gauge tolerances of +/- .003"
  • Form-Fill & Seal, New England & labeling belts, and banded Poly-V belts with special covers
  • and more...


UBR provides a full range of lightweight belt fabrication and modification using high frequency welding, adhesives, and heat:
  • Longitudinal Belt Splicing
  • Belt Slitting
  • Belt Cover Compounds
  • Sidewall Installation (PU and PVC)
  • Belt Edging and Edge Capping (PU and PVC)
  • Perforation and CNC Hole Cutting
  • Installation of V-guides, Cleats, and Chevrons
  • and more...