UBR can fabricate and install a variety of cleats to perform specific tasks. Our cleats are high frequency welded onto our belts, resulting in excellent bonds.

Standard Cleats

UBR can install standard PU or PVC straight T-cleats and we can also install them in angled, scoop, or bucket configurations. Our standard V-guide profiles can also be installed as lug cleats when shorter cleats are needed.

Custom Solutions

We also offer specially fabricated cleat options as well such as footless cleats and reinforced cleats. We can also fabricate cover loops at custom sizes which can be used as shock absorbing cleats or compression belts.


beefy tcleat t cleat t-cleat foot footless scoop bucket tall thinline guide notched indented short profile k5 k6 k8 k10 k13 k17 k22 modified special custom flight loop pyramid incline  Angle hf high frequency radio rf welded vulcanized hot glue attach space thickness ut20h ut25 ut40 ut50 ut60 ut100 ut150 ut75h ut100h hd 

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