Monolithic (PURclean)

UBR’s PURclean products are great for many food processes because they are USDA Dairy, USDA Meat & Poultry, and FDA approved! The Monolithic Thermoplastic Polyurethane offers easier cleanability and better wear resistance.

PURclean positive drive belts are the ideal replacement for plastic modular belt in the food processing industry.

Flat Belts

Our range of flat belts include several different profile and thickness options to fulfill many different purposes. Some options we offer are:

  • 1mm up to 7mm thick materials
  • Crescent Top, Saw Tooth, and Negative Pyramid Profiles
  • Sky Blue, Beige, and White colors

Positive Drive

We have three types of positive drive materials that are compatible replacements for commonly used products. We offer the following with serveral surface finishes:

  • Centerdrive
  • 1″ pitch full bar
  • 2″pitch full bar

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